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Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean
100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 2013-2014
District 6950, Zone 33-34, Rotary International,

The Club is based in Zone 34 which includes Florida,Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Membership is not limited to this Zone as we serve
the Rotary World.
Our weekly Rotary Meeting (consisting of our weekly program and the forum) officially begins at 6 PM (Eastern Time) each Saturday 

District 6950

Rotary International

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Welcome to Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean
Welcome to Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA and Caribbean. This club is the 14th of the original Rotary E-Clubs. It is a regional e-club based in Rotary District 6950 (west Florida)  and has membership from all of the world. 

You will find a tab entitled "Forums and Club Meetings" in the left hand margin. This tab will connect you to the club's weekly meetings. Each weekly meeting contains three "threads" or topics.  If time permits, please participate in all three.  You can add your comments by clicking on the Reply button on the top of the most recent post.  The forums are:    


1. Meeting Call to Order 

2. Program of the Week 

3. Biography of the Week


We look forward to your participation in our weekly meetings.   

Visiting Rotarians:

If you are a Rotarian visiting for a "make-up" meeting, please select the tab on the left entitled Membership Application. Sign in as a "Visiting Rotarian".   Please note that we require a $5.00 contribution which is used to cover expenses, to confirm the identity of our guests, and to support our projects. 

You may click on "Make Up Form" to print a copy of your attendance record to give to your Rotary Club Secretary.

In response to appeals for disaster relief aid to Nepal following the devastating earthquake I am pleased to advise that the Rotary E-Club of Southeast USA & Caribbean has donated $1000 for the purchase of a ShelterBox. The club is coordinating its efforts with the District 6950 ShelterBox campaign.



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