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District 6950, Zone 33-34, Rotary International,
100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 2013-14
Rotary E-Club of SE USA and Caribbean
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100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 2013-14

The Club is based in Zone 34 which includes Florida,Georgia, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Membership is not limited to this Zone as we serve

the Rotary World.

Our weekly Rotary Meeting (consisting of our weekly program and the forum) officially begins at 6 PM (Eastern Time) each Saturday and continues 24 hour a day till 5 PM the following Friday.

Alicia A. Bostdorff-Miller

District 6950

Rotary International

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        All prospective members must be sponsored by an existing member of our Club.  The prospect must complete the application form that we post-on line.   The President will appoint a sponsor if the prospect does not name one on the application.   The sponsor shall develop an acquaintance with the prospect, and also help them to become fully acquainted with our Rotary E-Club.


If the prospective member is now, or has been, an active Rotarian,  they must submit to their sponsor, and attach to their application, a written and dated confirmation from the current President or Secretary of that Club that the prospect was (or is) a Rotarian in good standing as of his/her termination of membership in said Club.


       If the prospective member has not ever been a Rotarian, they must present confirmation from two Rotarians in the prospect's community (names, addresses, and contact information to be provided by the prospective member), that he/she is a person of good standing.   The applicant must give permission for these references to be contacted by their sponsor and/or the Club Service Chair, Membership Chair, President, or Secretary of our Club.


       The sponsoring member within our Club shall then forward the nomination for review to our Club Service Chair and Membership Chair (acting as a Membership and Classification Committee).   If they find the application is deficient in any way, or the applicant does not qualify for a classification by Rotary rules or the Club by-laws, the application shall be returned to the prospect through the sponsor. 


If they find the application to be complete and in order, the Club Service Chair shall promptly communicate it to the Club President.  The President shall promptly e-mail the application, proposed classification, and sponsor's name to all of our Club members -- inviting any comment or objection to be submitted in writing to the President within 7 days.  Thereafter, the President shall present the application (and any responses from Club members) to the next regular meeting of the Club Board (or a special meeting of the Board) for their consideration and vote.  The vote of the Board shall be final.


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